Javier Bardem has been offered the lead role in 'The Dark Tower'.

The Spanish actor - who received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for 'Biutiful' earlier this week - is reportedly wanted by director Ron Howard to take on the lead role of Roland Deschain in his three-part movie adaptation of the Stephen King book.

The 'Dark Tower' is a seven-volume fantasy epic involving parallel worlds, meta-textual references, evil supercomputers, Spaghetti Western tropes, unstoppable bad guys, and an unattainable target at the end of a long and arduous quest in the shape of the titular tower.

The character of Roland Deschain is the last surviving member of an order of gunslingers, who must find the Dark Tower in order to save civilisation.

Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm have all been linked to the role while it has also been reported that the director was interested in Christian Bale.

41-year-old Javier is said to be considering the offer.

'A Beautiful Mind' scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman has written the first script for the franchise, which will have a television-aired miniseries between each movie.

The first film in the trilogy is expected in 2013, followed by a television series, a second movie, more TV and then a final film.