Though the forthcoming James Bond movie 'Skyfall' has so-far been kept safely under wraps, images from the set have begun to leak online, the latest of which shows Javier Bardem as the 'villain'. The photographs, obtained by the UK's Daily Mail, have confused some fans of the franchise as they appear to show the Spanish actor dressed as a London Metropolitan police officer.
One clue as to the meaning of the uniform could lie with Bardem's flowing blonde locks. The actor appears to be wearing a wig, suggesting he is in disguise during the scene in question. Fans have been told very little about Bardem's villainous character - and it is plausible that he could indeed be a police officer, though this remains unlikely. The James Bond crew - helmed by director Sam Mendes, descended on London's Whitehall for a full day shooting this week. The images of Bardem as a police officer also include a large group of extras, perhaps in a chaotic scene and one shows the actor emerging from a subway station. In other leaked photographs, Daniel Craig is shown holding a machine gun, though the images are blurry and the setting is hard to pick out.