Spanish Oscar-winner Javier Bardem is a self-confessed hypochondriac. The No Country For Old Men star is constantly convinced he has contracted a serious illness and rushes to see his doctor at the first sign of any ailment. Bardem's obsessive behaviour began when he was a teenager and although the condition has improved over time, he still feels the need to see a medic on a regular basis. He says, "I used to be (a severe hypochondriac), but I'm not that bad any more. I'll be like, "I'm really sick. I need to go to the doctor." "I was about 14 years old (when it started) and lying on the sofa watching TV and my head started to ache. I said to myself, 'I'm going to die. I'd better call my friends and say goodbye.' "Since then they've been used to me saying I have serious health problems. One day I won't say anything and I will just disappear!"