Spanish movie star Javier Bardem played opposite his mother in his first two acting roles - as a drunk's young friend and a backside-bearing sadomasochist prostitute.

The BEFORE NIGHT FALLS star got his big break when he was just six when his mother, actress Pilar Bardem, suggested him for a role in Spanish TV series EL PICARO.

He recalls, "It was a story about a drunk blind guy and this little boy that leads him day by day to try to find some wine to drink or to eat something. I was playing this little boy."

Then, 16 years later in LAS EDADES DE LULU (THE AGES OF LULU), Bardem played opposite his mum again in one of his seediest roles.

He adds, "I was playing this sadomasochist prostitute, and I was dressed in stockings with my a** showing out, hitting this woman against the wall."

25/01/2005 21:11