LATEST: Spanish actor Javier Bardem has slammed ex-model JILL MARSHALL's lawsuit against him, claiming the beauty's nose was broken through "her own conduct".

Marshall filed suit this month (JAN05) accusing Bardem of breaking her nose on the dancefloor of New York's Gypsy Tea nightclub during an afterparty for the premiere of his film The Sea Inside.

Marshall claims her injury was so severe, she required surgery following the alleged incident. Besides suing Bardem, she has also accused Gypsy Tea of negligence for continuing to serve alcohol to the actor "while in a state of intoxication" and their failure to provide security to prevent the incident.

Bardem's attorney MARTIN SINGER claimed Marshall approached Bardem for a dance several times at the bash, but was turned down.

Singer says, "He is an excellent dancer. I'm not going to comment on the woman's dancing abilities. However, to the extent the woman was injured while she was dancing, it was caused by her own conduct."

31/01/2005 09:38