Jason Wu has made Hugo Boss womenswear ''more feminine''.

The 33-year-old fashion designer - who was named the Art Director of the German luxury label in 2013 - has admitted his upcoming collection for the fashion house will see the tailored garments ''softened up''.

Speaking to the Telegraph.co.uk about his forthcoming clothing line, he said: ''We've softened her up, she's become more feminine. The straight lines have become more curved, the tailoring has become softer.''

And the creative mastermind has revealed he is open to working long hours because he loves throwing himself into the creative processes and getting his ''hands dirty''.

Jason - who oversees the production of 12 collections per year - explained: ''I love getting my hands dirty, and I don't mind working crazy-long hours and weekends.''

Meanwhile, Jason - who was born in Taipei, Taiwan, before him and his family moved to Canada - has admitted he learnt English by reading fashion magazines, which gave him the ''fashion bug'' and inspired him to start creating his own designs with the sewing machine his mother bought him at 10 years old.

He explained: ''That's really how I learnt English. And it was when I got bitten by the fashion bug.

''She wanted my brother and me to have opportunities other than those that were available growing up in Taiwan in the 1980s.

''It was much less acceptable there for a boy to be interested in anything that might be seen as feminine.''

Meanwhile Jason - who launched his first fashion venture with clothes line for dolls at the age of 16 before he debuted his first fashion line in 2006 - has admitted he felt ''more courageous'' when he was younger to break into the fashion industry.

He said: ''I was much more courageous when I was younger. I'd never been to New York before, and I took a train, by myself, from Connecticut, and went to have a meeting with Integrity Toys.

''When I talk about it now, it doesn't seem believable, but that's how I started.

''My friends were working as baristas and I was going off to China to look at production.''