Jason Wu is creating a new contemporary line.

The designer has teamed with US department store Nordstrom for the collection, entitled Miss Wu, but promises it won't just be cheap copies of his catwalk collections.

He told WWD: ''Instead of just doing 'Jason Wu-for-less,' the idea is to explore the other side of myself.

''I always see Jason Wu as my aesthetic, my design sensibility. Miss Wu is my personality. It was really fun to explore that facet of who I am - slightly more downtown, and with a more relaxed attitude.''

The collection will start with ready-to-wear garments, followed by the addition of accessories by 2014.

The Miss Wu line is named after Jason's logo, a hand-drawn owl.

He has previously said of the significance of his owl creation: ''I love that the owl is a bit playful and whimsical, calling out a familiar sound wuu..wuuu.

''I think this is carried over in my collection; I put a lot of effort and thoughtfulness into the construction of every garment, but I want my designs to also have a lighthearted side as well.

''Fashion should be fun, after all! I feel that the owl represents many creative people that I know (including myself), because we work late hours and many times our best ideas come late at night. So I suppose Miss Wu pays tribute to all the late hours that it takes to realise a collection.''