Jason Sudeikis was a ''child smart-ass''.

The 'We're the Millers' star had a very normal upbringing in Kansas and although he has now found fame as a comedic actor, he admits he wasn't particularly drawn to the bright lights of Hollywood when he was younger.

He said: ''I was never a child actor. I was a child smart-ass.''

Growing up in a suburban neighbourhood, the 37-year-old actor had a rather uneventful childhood - only ever getting into trouble for playing basketball too loudly.

He explained: ''I was raised in the suburbs of Kansas City - minivans, khakis and cul-de-sacs, wearing polos and tucking them in. we were allowed to play hide-and-seek until the wee hours and there was no crime to speak of. I got into trouble for doing, like, nothing. It shows you're living in a safe environment when the cops come to your house at 10.30 on a Saturday to tell you to stop playing basketball. Some neighbour complained about the sound of the ball bouncing.''

Although he didn't get up to much mischief, the funnyman - who is engaged to 'Deadfall' beauty Olivia Wilde - was born without a sense of smell, which led to some scary life-threatening moments.

He said: ''Our laundry was downstairs and my dad came down to the basement where I lived during my last few years of high school. [He said] 'Jeez, Jason, what's going on?' The sump-pump had broken. It was leaking methane gas and I had no idea. I had headaches for two days afterwards.''