Jason Sudeikis, the American actor and comedian, was lost for words when asked to comment on his ex-girlfriend January Jones' pregnancy over the weekend. Jason Sudeikis, who is busy preparing to host the MTV Movie Awards, dated the 'Mad Men' actress from July 2010 until January 2011 but Jones is yet to reveal who the father is, reports the Washington Post.
The actress' representative recently confirmed the pregnancy, stating "January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall". Rumours about the child's father immediately began to circulate, but Sudeikis remained tight lipped when quizzed at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. When asked whether he had any comment about the news, the Saturday Night Live star said, "I'd rather. yes but no". When pushed on whether he was "surprised" to find out that Jones was pregnant, the comedian said, "No, I.No, I didn't have anything else to say". The Washington Post's Jen Chaney notes how Sudeikis "stammered" on the subject but ultimately "seemed comfortable being asked about the situation" but "just unwilling to say too much". Before dating the award-winning comedian, Jones was previously in a relationship with the musician Josh Groban.
Speaking about his forthcoming Mtv Movie Awards gig, Jason Sudeikis was optimistic, saying, "It feels extremely close. It involves a group of writers coming up with ideas in L.A., writers and friends at Snl coming up with ideas, everybody looking at each other's ideas, and then trying to wrangle some talented funny, cool people."