Jason Sudeikis has no sense of smell.

The 43-year-old actor has revealed he has completely lost his sense of smell, and joked that it comes in handy when someone tries to play a ''fart joke'' on him, because he can't smell the aftermath.

During an appearance on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', show host James asked Jason's longtime pal Will Forte to spill a secret about Jason, and Will said: ''Well you probably know that he has a beautiful singing voice. He has no sense of smell.''

And Jason confirmed the claim when he added: ''That's true. It is actually true. No sense of smell.''

Will, 48, then joked that the missing sense was ''tough'' on their friendship, because it means he can't play any smelly pranks on the 'Hall Pass' star.

He said: ''It makes it really tough because most of my revenge type tactics are fart based, and it just doesn't work on him.''

To which Jason said: ''I love it. I just get the funny part. I just get the sound, and then everybody's like clearing out the room and breaking glass in an elevator to try and [get out]. And I'm just like, nothing.''

Overall, Jason believes his malfunctioning nose is a ''blessing'', and says he would rather have lost that sense than any of his others.

He said: ''It's a blessing. And if you had to lose one sense ... you know.''

The 'Booksmart' star - whose partner Olivia Wilde, with whom he has five-year-old Otis and two-year-old Daisy, is directing the flick - then turned the tables on Will, by revealing the secret fact that he gives ''the hardest high-fives in the history of man.''

After a demonstration, Jason was left clutching at his stinging hand, and fellow guest Lisa Kudrow then noted that he'd lost his sense of touch.