The 40-year-old was entered into the category for his role in the comedy series The Last Man on Earth, after appearing in 11 of the season's 18 episodes.

However, to be considered as a guest actor at the Emmys, he must have appeared in 50 percent or less of the series, Variety reports, and because he has appeared in the majority of episodes, Sudeikis has now been disqualified from the category.

He plays Mike Miller in the show, astronaut brother of Phil Miller, played by Will Forte. Sudeikis would fall into the best supporting actor category, but his entry cannot be changed as the ballots have already been distributed to the Academy voters.

The rule was brought in last year (15) when Uzo Aduba won in the best guest actress category at the 2014 Emmys despite appearing in all but two episodes of Orange is the New Black’s first season.

Under the new rule, she went on to win best supporting actress for her role in the prison drama at last year's awards.

The Academy rules state, "It is the decision of the entrant whether to enter as a lead, supporting or guest performer. However, only performers appearing in less than 50 percent of the eligible episodes are able to submit in the Guest Performer categories."

Despite being entered into the wrong category, the actor still can't be considered for any other award, as the Academy rules also state, "If an entry is made in the wrong category and the error is not discovered until it goes to the voters on the nomination ballot, it will be disqualified."

A representative for Sudeikis has yet to comment on the report.