Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has ordered ads for the R-rated (in the U.S.) movie The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster, be pulled from all channels because of a "stream of violent imagery" that they display. Britain's Press Association described the objectionable scenes this way "A man being speared through the calf, a man being shot in the face through a window, a man being run over, a man's hand being broken, a metal bar being driven through a car window into a man's head and a man's head exploding when he was shot at close range." Although the commercial did not air before the 9 00 p.m. "watershed" hour when children are likely to be watching, it did air during an episode of Glee , which the ASA noted, attracts "a significant proportion of children" under the age of 16 even though it airs at 9 00 p.m.