Adrenalin junkie Jason Statham is looking to freefall out of a plane - because bungee-jumping off bridges simply isn't exciting enough for him anymore. The TRANSPORTER star bungee-jumped from a crane in New Zealand when he was a competing diver in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland and he has been chasing the rush he felt ever since. But high-speed movie stunts and countless bungee-jumps since simply haven't impressed him. The British star says, "Bungee-jumps get a bit boring after a while. I'm looking to something out of an airplane, a proper freefall. "You can do a course, an accelerated freefall course. A lot of the stuntmen that I know are willing to take me. "A couple of friends actually do BASE jumping, which is like the maddest of the mad. BASE is bridges, antennas, spans and earth - that's what it stands for. That's what they jump from. "You see people parachute from a very tall building to the streets below. And they've got a parachute, a deploy chute in their hand and as they jump let go of it. It's radical stuff. I'd like to try that as well."