Jason Statham was terrified he'd be dubbed a 'hard man' on set for all the wrong reasons when he rode through Los Angeles on a motorbike wearing nothing but a hospital gown. The SNATCH star's character in CRANK has to keep his adrenalin levels high to avoid death by poison - so he steals a police motorbike for a high-octane chase through Hollywood. Statham admits he had no fears performing the speedy stunt, but was only worried that paparazzi would catch something they shouldn't have. He explains, "You get used to the flapping hospital gown after a day or two but then you get the paparazzi out there with a camera and a long lens looking for something they shouldn't be looking for. "I'm one of those aroused actors that runs around with a hard-on (erection)." Statham had another embarrassing moment shooting the action film - a very public sex scene with co-star Amy Smart. He recalls, "Usually a sex scene is a very controlled environment with a splintered crew, lots of drapes and curtains and not many people around, and this was right in the middle of public with 250 screaming extras. And over there there's a little camera phone taking a picture of my pasty white a**."