British actor Jason Statham has slammed his home country for being behind the times when it comes to making films, and insists he prefers making movies in the US because he is treated like a star. The former French Connection model and one-time boyfriend of British actress Kelly Brook says the US has far more to offer when it comes to filmmaking. He tells American publication Star, "Our sense of humour is all we've got in the UK. That and bad weather." He says, "It's a lot more fun in Hollywood. You wouldn't give the catering in the UK to a dog - a soggy sandwich that was made a month ago. "Here, you get lobster thermidor. I even had a trailer that would sleep a family of six. In the UK, the trailer is like a Guatemalan prison cell." The 37-year-old insists that his new action movie CRANK would never get the go-ahead back home because it's too cutting-edge. He adds, "We don't make movies like Crank in the UK. We make period dramas with cups of tea and powdered wigs... and they can't see me doing that."