British actor Jason Statham had so much fun making action flick THE ITALIAN JOB alongside rapper Mos Def, he's eager to re-team with him.

The caper, which also stars Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton and Donald Sutherland, put Statham and Mos Def onscreen together for the first time. And the co-stars were thrilled with their acting chemistry.

Statham says, "I'd love to work with him again! I just saw his play in London, TOP DOG/UNDERDOG, at the ROYAL COURT. He's phenomenal."

But SNATCH star Statham was upset to see that some of his funniest scenes with Mos Def - real name DANTE SMITH - ended up on the cutting room floor.

He adds, "We had a scene where we tried to switch seats while driving down a hill... a hilarious sequence where he couldn't drive a stick shift... I hope they show up on the DVD."

28/08/2003 01:49