Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says motherhood has ''totally changed'' her career.

The 30-year-old model gave birth to her first child Jack - who she has with her fiancé Jason Statham - in June this year, and the style icon has admitted having a baby has ''definitely'' impacted on he r work ethic, as her ''focus and priorities'' suddenly switched.

Speaking at the Bazaar at Work summit cocktail party, which was held at London's Sotheby's on Wednesday (15.11.17), the blonde-haired beauty said: ''It has definitely changed how I think about work ... My focus and priorities totally changed it.''

And the fashion muse - who has a lingerie, swim and beauty collection sunder her Rosie for Autograph line at Marks and Spencer - has revealed when she took maternity leave it was the ''first time'' in her career she has ever not worked.

She said: ''For the first time in my career I took time off. ''

And even though Rosie's outlook has slightly changed, she has insisted she is ''still so ambitious'' with her work.

She said: ''But I'm also still so ambitious with my work.''

Rosie signed to Profile modelling agency in 2003 aged 16 years old, and the star has admitted she is proud of her career so far, and only hopes the ''next 15 years'' will be just as ''exciting''.

She said: ''It's exciting to look at the last 15 years and what I've built and also look to the next 15 years! It's so exciting. Things have to be more focused and strategic.

''One lesson I've learnt is the importance of being present and in the moment. All you can do it control the moment that you're in. You can get caught up in the moment you're in and miss the moment.''

Rosie intends to continue to boast a ''great career'', but her ''biggest ambition'' is to have a ''healthy happy life''.

She said: ''My biggest ambition is to have a healthy happy life. To have a great career is the dream - I want to constantly learn and I'm ready for next year.''