Action man Jason Statham discovered two things about himself while making new movie Parker - he hates wearing a wig and disguises don't work.

The Brit plays a hitman in the film and he had to go undercover for one scene but admits that his costume additions made him grateful for his natural assets.

He tells Wenn, "I put that wig on and said, 'Thank God I'm bald!' Hair just doesn't suit me."

And the look didn't help him hide from fans as he shot scenes at a U.S. state fair.

He recalls, "I had a wig and glasses and a priest outfit on and we were at a state fair with thousands and thousands of people there. I'd be walking down with my priest outfit carrying a briefcase and they'd go, 'Hello Jason, how's it going?'

"I was like, 'Really? You can still recognise me?' I was like, 'Hey, I'm supposed to be in disguise'. It must have been the broken nose or somebody must have heard me say something. It must be the accent."