KNOCKED UP star Jason Segel was once humiliated in front of an ex-girlfriend - by a dominatrix. The TV star, who plays an unlucky ex who winds up holidaying with his former girlfriend and her rock star beau in new film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was left crushed when a theatre date turned into a disaster. Recalling the unfortunate incident, Segel says, "One night I'm at this little black box theatre, I'm wearing a suit and, as the lights go down, in walks this ex of mine with her new boyfriend. "I started to feel hot and uncomfortable but then it dawned on me, 'Hey kid, you're wearing a suit. You can handle this.' "Knocked Up had just come out and I was doing really well. I thought, 'She's gonna really regret it when she sees you buddy.' "Then the play begins and this woman walks out dressed as a dominatrix and she's like, 'People come to me for all sorts of things, real sickos for nipple pinching, back scratching, butt play. In fact one of the scum is here tonight,' and she looks down at an audience list and says, 'Would Jason Segel please stand up.' "I didn't know this thing is audience participation. So I stand up and there's my ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend looking at me, laughing hysterically, just cackling. "The woman proceeds to make me get on my knees and bark like a dog and say out loud in front of my ex-girlfriend over and over, 'No woman would ever want to be with me.' It was awful."