Comedian Jason Segel has had his blog hacked for the second time in as many months.
The Muppets star first discovered he had fallen victim to internet pranksters in December (11) after taking a flight from Australia to Los Angeles, and now he's been targeted again.
The actor found out about his latest Twitter attack on Monday (06Feb12), when an unauthorised message was posted on his page linking fans to a third-party website.
It read: "are you serious about starting your own business in 2012? you have to check this out".
Segel quickly addressed the hack job and warned fans not to pay attention to any suspicious tweets, writing, "Twitter account hacked again. I don't understand the point of what you're trying to do hackers. Why? Sorry to anyone following me...
"Anything that happens in the next 20 min is because I can't change my password till I get home."