Jason Segel owns hundreds of puppets.

The 34-year-old actor has a major obsession with collecting the moveable models and admits they have even started taking over his Los Angeles home.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, he said: ''I have the ones [puppets] I started out with as a kid and used to make films with. But now I have new ones too.

''When I did 'The Muppets' there was a Jason Segel Muppet, which I eventually got to keep.

''That's really the height of arrogance. To have a puppet of yourself in your house. Thank god there's a context. Otherwise I'd be an unemployed man with a house full puppets. That would be terrifying.''

Meanwhile, the single star has been consciously trying to live a healthier lifestyle since turning 30 in 2010.

He explained: ''When I hit 30, I started to have that instinct. I started to take care of myself better.

''New phase, I guess. Stuff starts to hurt in ways it didn't before. I still smoke occasionally. I tend to have one with my morning coffee and then occasionally at night. I'd love to quit, because they're turning on me. But I started exercising. I eat more healthily, no more midnight pizzas. It's no great mystery.''