MARIE ANTOINETTE star Jason Schwartzman has returned to music after recording an album in a pal's home studio. The actor has released a new album as Coconut Records after a friend urged him to record a series of demos - and show off his singing skills. Schwartzman, cult indie act Phantom Planet's former drummer, says, "I recorded it at my friend's house, in his home studio, really quickly and really casually just as demos... I just wanted to record some songs. "I played him (unnamed friend) all these songs... and said, `What do I do with these?' because I wasn't in a band and I had no musicians to play with, and he said, `Why don't you just go and record all these songs as an exercise in trusting your own gut." Schwartzman did just that, even recording his voice for the first time: "I used to sing in the shower but this is the first time I've ever sung on a record." The process gave the actor the courage to join Marie Antoinette co-star Kirsten Dunst in the studio - to record a cover of The Turtles' Happy Together for the soundtrack of her directorial debut, film short Welcome.