Actor Jason Schwartzman once got so carried away during a casual evening walk with a friend, the pair didn't end their stroll until the following morning. The Darjeeling Limited star and his pal had only planned to step out to catch some air near Schwartzman's Los Angeles home, when their short walk turned into an epic adventure. He says, "One night my friend and I decided to get some fresh air, so we walked by my then-home in Hollywood all the way to West Hollywood, which was about seven miles. "We took a shortcut through some hills and began to say catchphrases like, 'Never turn back!' Before you knew it, we had walked until seven the next morning, holding bricks to defend ourselves against coyotes and possibly zombie attacks. "We saw some amazing stuff - a mad scientist-like guy building a fake rocket in his garage, the silhouette of a naked woman changing the TV channels - and I thought I saw a burglar, but it was my mind starting to play tricks on me. "It was a pretty amazing trip."