Actor Jason Schwartzman prefers working with his famous film-making family - because they understand his feelings better. The 26-year-old star, whose mother is Talia Shire and uncle is director Francis Ford Coppola, admits being directed by his cousin Sofia Coppola in new period drama MARIE ANTOINETTE had its advantages. Schwartzman tells British magazine Hotdog, "Its just that you've got a library that's bigger in terms of people that you can reference. Sofia and ROMAN (COPPOLA, his cousin) are able to reference things from the past that I'd forgotten about. "Like I would say to Sofia, 'I don't get how I'm feeling,' and she would say, 'It's like when you were seven and you were at that place.' "Most directors don't know me when I was seven. For Sofia, my index is much more available to her."