Grand Budapest Hotel star Jason Schwartzman recently updated his will after realising the one he scribbled down on a newspaper while he was a high, teenage student was out of date.

Convinced he was going to die during one paranoid pot trip, the actor left everything to his brothers and his mum.

He explains, "I thought that my heart was gonna explode... and I really freaked out and I wrote out my will... I wrote out: 'To my little brother, Robert, you can have all of my Cds... To big brother Matthew, the best big bro in the world, have all my video cassettes; watch these movies with pleasure, and to mom, you can have everything else because it was really yours to begin with, because I'm still living at your house.

"That was my will and I had it until just recently; I destroyed it because I don't want that to be the official will."

Schwartzman is no longer a fan of marijuana and admits he hasn't got high for years.

He tells U.S. chat show host Conan O'Brien, "No pot for me. I don't like to smoke pot... It doesn't agree with me; I get very paranoid. I haven't smoked pot for a long time."