Actor Jason Schwartzman gorged himself on late-night doughnut feasts in an effort to pile on the pounds to play chubby French king LOUIS XVI in MARIE ANTOINETTE. The health-conscious RUSHMORE star attempted to gain 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms) as organically as possible but quickly gave up and resorted to munching doughnuts in bed. He explains, "(Director) SOFIA (COPPOLA) said that she would give me a doctor to supervise the weight gain because I would be gaining basically 45 pounds in six weeks. But no one ever called me with the doctor's number. "I gained the weight just eating everything I could but I did it organically at first. They say not to eat in the middle of the night because your body is resting and not burning any calories. "I ended up putting doughnuts next to my bed and setting my alarm clock for three in the morning, waking up and powering them down, wipe the jelly off my cheek and go back to bed." But the real struggle came when the actor had to keep up his weight on the set - and not gain extra pounds. He adds, "They made all these costumes to fit my body... One time they told me I put on two pounds and I had to lose it. It was funny because on set I'd eat so much and then they'd call lunch and I thought, 'That's funny. It's been lunch since 5.30 in the morning for me!' "It was pretty gross because most actors chew and then they spit it out but I just ate all day long. That was the one time of the day I didn't eat - when everyone else was having lunch."