Jason Priestley's new movie DIE, MOMMIE, DIE has hit legal problems just days after its limited release.

Distributors of the camp comedy have been ordered by a federal judge to at least temporarily give credit to the playwright CHARLES CASILLO for the story and play which he says was the inspiration for the movie.

On Friday (31OCT03) - the day the movie opened in 10 American theatres - US District judge TERRY HATTER issued a temporary restraining order against the distribution of the film without credits.

Placards crediting Casillo have been posted in cinema lobbies, and posters and print advertisements have been revised to mention him.

Casillo contends that the film is based on his play ONE NIGHT STAND IN A LONELY HOTEL. Attorney's for the movie's writer and star, Charles Busch, producer AVIATOR FILMS and distributor SUNDANCE FILM SERIES are opposing the Casillo credits in papers which were scheduled to have been filed Monday (03NOV03).

The judge has set a hearing for Friday (07NOV03).

05/11/2003 01:46