Jason Patric stays close to his late father by keeping the playwright's ashes on stage with him while he stars in a new production of his dad's most famous work.
The actor is currently appearing in a Broadway revival of That Championship Season, written by his late father Jason Miller, opposite Kiefer Sutherland and Chris Noth.
Patric admits he has an unusual way of retaining a link to his father, who died in 2001, while he tackles the emotional task of acting in the play - he keeps his ashes on stage during performances.
He tells the Los Angeles Times, "I do have his ashes up there. I thought the old man should be up there with us. I feel in some ways, when I'm doing this, I'm in communion with him, opening up to that vulnerability, that wound."
A spokesperson for the show adds to the New York Post, "The ashes of Jason Miller are kept in an urn onstage in a bookcase. They have never been sprinkled on stage. They are kept in the urn."