Hollywood actor Jason Patric has been arrested after a drunken encounter with police in Austin, Texas.

THE ALAMO star, 37, was arrested after challenging police to test him for drunkenness in the early hours of yesterday (29MAR04).

Police spokesman KEVIN BUCHMAN says there is no test administered for public intoxication and officers only need to have suspicion.

According to police, Patric took an aggressive stance when they tried to arrest him, and shoved an officer.

Patric was booked on misdemeanour charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest. He was taken to the TRAVIS COUNTY JAIL and released five hours later.

A statement from the actor's publicist MICHELLE BEGA says, "(Patric) believes he has done nothing wrong. He hopes for a rapid resolution to clear his name."

30/03/2004 13:59