Guitarist Jason Newsted is unemployed again after walking out on Ozzy OSBOURNE.

The bass player quit Metallica to tour with Ozzy, but he has left the former BLACK SABBATH star's band for undisclosed reasons.

Ozzy recruited Newsted following the departure of longtime bassist ROBERT TRUJILLO, who quit to fill the position Newsted left vacant in Metallica.

Newsted is now concentrating on recording new material with his side project group VOIVOID.

He'll be replaced in Osbourne's group by former Rob Zombie bass player ROB NICHOLSON, who admits the auditioning process was nerve-racking.

He says, "The situation wasn't uncomfortable, it was just intimidating, playing these songs that I had never played.

"INTO THE VOID is my favourite BLACK SABBATH song, and Ozzy called it out. At that moment, I realised that even if I don't get the gig, the fact that I got to play Into the Void with Ozzy was the coolest moment of my life."

08/12/2003 21:16