The wounded veteran who appears in singer/songwriter Jason Mraz's new I Won'T Give Up video lost his right leg just 10 months before shooting the promo.
Mraz admits he was inspired by the man's bravery after learning he became an amputee when a bomb he was trying to disengage blew up.
The I'm Yours singer says, "He volunteers to dismantle and disarm bombs; you can't assign a soldier to do that, they have to volunteer. It's a very honourable and noble task.
"A bomb exploded only 10 months before we shot that video so all that bionic apparatus that you see him wearing (in the promo), he's just now applied to his life and he's already teaching other soldiers... His spirit is still 100 per cent."
The video features an array of actors and ordinary people, including a child learning to swim and an anxious businessman, and Mraz admits he didn't have time to give any of them directions as to what to do when they were on camera.
He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, "We played the song and we pointed the camera at them and most people cried, so when we edited it was really difficult... I wanted to make sure there was some hope... because the song is about hope, it's about not giving up."