Jason Momoa thinks his ''wrong decisions'' have made him who he is.

The 39-year-old actor has insisted he wouldn't change anything about his life, because although ''bad things'' may have happened, the experiences have taught him how to ''be a good dad'' to his two children, daughter Lola, 11, and son Nakoa-Wolf, nine.

Jason - who has his brood with wife Lisa Bonet - said: ''Every wrong decision got me here. Yes, bad things happened, but they allowed me to be a good dad and raise my kids. I didn't have to sacrifice anything. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.''

And although he might not want to change anything about his past, he would like to start making changes to the roles he plays in the future, as he says he's tired of playing ''the brute'' in shows such as 'Game of Thrones' - where he played Khal Drogo.

He added: ''I don't normally get to do 'silly' things. I'm normally hired to play that guy - the barbarian, the brute. After 'Game Of Thrones', no one was thinking I'd be perfect for a rom-com.

''I want people to see me be funny, and romantic, not just some big lug.

''It would be nice to play a doctor or a lawyer. But the truth of it is, they've got someone to play those roles. If I have to play a brute, how about a soft brute or one with a heart of gold? If I got offered that then f**k it, it's on.''

The 'Aquaman' star may be getting more job offers these days, but he insists it wasn't always that way, and he's often had to take ''s**t'' roles in order to make enough money to keep him going.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine, he said: ''People get this idea that I had a choice with regards to what I do. Being an actor - for me, anyway - it's slim pickings. At one time, I'd be 20th down the list for a part. I know I'm not first. But I've had a career, I've taken s**t [roles], and I've made them good. Most actors can start being picky after a while. I haven't been in that position.''