GODHEAD frontman Jason Miller is hoping to pull off a 'Bob Geldof' moment as he puts together a new star-studded charity record to raise funds for the victims of the south east Asia tsunami.

The BREAK YOU DOWN singer has enlisted the help of pals like Evanescence, the defunct Jane's Addiction and Papa Roach among others to record his tune FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS for a new benefit single.

A recording session is scheduled for Sunday (23JAN05).

Miller says, "I, like most people, was glued to the television watching the horror (of the tsunami) unfold. I felt completely powerless. I gave the maximum amount that I could afford, but I still felt like I had done nothing.

"I am not a celebrity, but I do know quite a few, and I thought if I could get enough people interested in this song, maybe together we could raise more money and make more of a difference."

18/01/2005 21:29