MY NAME IS EARL star Jason Lee was so ill during his brutal battle with chicken pox earlier this year (06) he felt like he was going to die. The star began feeling under the weather during the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in January (06) and subsequently came down with the infection. He explains, "I was shocked. I thought I was dying. "It was pretty brutal. I had chicken pox in my mouth, in my throat. I couldn't eat for a couple of days." The actor didn't handle his illness well admitting, "I'm a total wuss." Production on the hit show was shut down for two weeks and the actor also ended up giving chicken pox to his two-year-old son, PILOT INSPEKTOR. The star says, "I gave them to my son and it didn't even phase him. He was running around playing while I was floored." He adds jokingly, "But I'm here and I'm alive."