Actor Jason Lee decided to be honest with his mother CAROL on Monday (17OCT05), by informing her he throws away most of the cookies she bakes for him every Christmas.

Lee currently plays the lead in his hit new series MY NAME IS EARL, in which his character attempts to improve his karma by righting all of his wrongs.

And during a visit to ELLEN DeGENERES' US chat show, Lee got his mother on the phone to make his cookie confession.

He says, "My mother sends me very nice Christmas cookies in very decorative tin containers with the nice wax paper and notes on heart-shaped pieces of paper. She sends me 15 tins of them in a giant cardboard box and I can only get through the first one. So I tend to have to throw them out, because they go bad."

DeGeneres called up his mother and diplomatically told her, "Jason is talking about how much he loves the cookies... He's concerned that it's a lot of hard work and maybe possibly he can't eat that many and so he's thinking, that maybe you shouldn't send so many to him."

But the plan backfired when Carol promised to also mail a batch to DeGeneres as well as her son. And after Lee spoke to his mother, who told him how much she loved him, he backed out of revealing that he discards most of her sweet treats.