Screen star Jason Lee loves being one of cult director Kevin Smith's cohorts - as it feels like a group of friends.

The ALMOST FAMOUS star has appeared in all of Smith's movies since 1995's Mallrats, and loves being part of the VIEW ASKEW 'gang'.

He says, "On the one hand, it feels like a bunch of guys getting together who don't know what the hell they're doing, whereas on the other it feels like a film group. A sloppy, immature film group."

And although DREAMCATCHER actor Lee hasn't been cast in the next Smith movie FLETCH WON, he hints his pal's loyalty may result in a change of plans.

He says, "The last I heard from Kevin was that Miramax has other ideas for the actor, which comes from the place of them being nothing more than a business.

"Kevin's like, 'If they're not into it, I'm not going to fight them. Unless it's you, we won't make it.' He's a good friend like that."