HARRY POTTER star Jason Isaacs has no idea if his character will make an appearance in the fourth installment of the magical franchise - and neither do the movie's producers.

The British star - who played evil LUCIUS MALFOY in both THE SORCERER'S STONE and CHAMBER OF SECRETS - was not required by new Potter director ALFONSO CURAN for third movie THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. But he's still hoping that when fourth film THE GOBLET OF FIRE is made, he will return.

He says, "Just as we were finishing Chamber of Secrets, Alfonso Curan came along and I got to shake hands with him and that was about it. Then they started Azkaban. I'm sure they had a whale of a time.

"But I don't know what's happening with Goblet of Fire. I phoned to find out and they said, 'We've no idea, sorry. The scripts are just coming in...'

"There's 700 pages or something that they have to make a two-hour movie from, so I don't know whether they're going to put Lucius Malfoy in or not. If I thought begging would do any good, I'd be out there every day. But that would probably just irritate them."

02/12/2003 02:25