British actor Jason Isaacs has applauded his young Harry Potter movie co-stars for remaining humble and polite despite the media madness around them. Isaacs, who plays villainous LUCIUS MALFOY in the fantasy saga, admits he could forgive Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint for being brats because they're often treated like "the second coming of Christ" by Potter fans. But, instead, the trio remain pleasant and accessible to their fans. Isaacs says, "They are the same enthusiastic people that they were when I first started. "I bring my friends' kids and my kids on set because they're all dying to visit Hogwarts (fictitious Potter school). "Obviously they're desperate for a minute with Daniel, Emma and Rupert, and they always find the time. "You can only put it down to their nature. Initially, it was their parents' guidance."