Jason Donovan felt like a ''little boy lost'' after being dumped by Kylie Minogue.

The Australian actor started dating the singer while starring in TV soap opera 'Neighbours' as a teenager, but has admitted he questioned who he was when she dumped him in favour of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence in 1989.

Speaking about the painful split, he said: ''I didn't expect it. God, I was a big Michael Hutchence fan at the time. He was the epitome of the Australian rock God and uber-cool. It made me look at myself, thinking, 'What am I?' ''

The 46-year-old star - who became famous around the world for his duet with his former lover, 'Especially For You', in 1988 - admitted the split was strange for him because despite his heartbreak, both of their careers were rocketing, with Jason going on to release chart-topping singles 'Too Many Broken Hearts', 'Sealed with a Kiss' and 'When You Come Back To Me'.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It was tough, I was like the little boy lost. But I was scoring massive hits around the world. Funny old time, that.''

The honest confession from the typically candid star - who now has three children with wife Angela Malloch - follows previous comments made in 2012 when he revealed he first had sex with the 'I Should Be So Lucky' hitmaker in a Travelodge hotel.

He said: ''At the time it was great. We cemented it in a Sydney Travelodge. There were a number of promotional trips we would do each weekend and the Travelodge was the place. Travelodges in those days were posh places.''