Jason Derulo is planning to record a song with Calvin Harris.

The 'Kiss The Sky' hitmaker has been discussing the possibility of a collaboration with the Scottish DJ and they are keen to get into the studio together once their busy schedules allow them to.

Jason said: ''We've been in contact and Calvin and I are interested in working together for sure.

''But it's just finding the right time and right song, we both have busy schedules, but I hope so.''

The 26-year-old singer was introduced to Calvin, 32, by their mutual friend, DJ Hardwell, who has previously worked with both artists on separate occasions.

Jason told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Hardwell and I did 'Follow Me' and I love the whole EDM vibe.''

Meanwhile, the 'Want to Want Me' singer was delighted to recently land a role as a fighter in new US TV show 'Lethal Weapon' as it allowed him to relive his childhood dreams of being a boxer.

He said: ''I boxed as a kid but my mom took me out of it, which I was upset about, but I was allowed to relive those dreams.''

Jason recently split from girlfriend Daphne Joy after six months of dating and admitted he used his music to tell her how he felt about splitting up.

He said: ''There's one that I did that talks about it pretty spot-on. I actually sent it to her, too. A lot of times, she's like, 'You don't speak to me. You're not talking to me. I don't get it.' So I wrote it in a song, and she was like, 'It's clearer now.'

''It's crazy how that is. Sometimes we're better at certain things. Where somebody may be a better talker than me, through a song, I'm able to explain anything.''