Jason Derulo loves his girlfriends' insecurities.

The 21-year-old singer thinks the best way to help people get over their hang ups is to embrace them, so he will always look to lavish attention on his partners' perceived weak points.

He explained: "If I'm with someone, I'll try and do my best to help them get over their insecurities by making those insecurities my favourite part of them.

"That way, the insecurities go away more easily. I like looking after people to a certain extent. I mean, I don't want to be your dad, but I do want to be your lover and I do want to take care of you."

Jason also revealed he looks for good manners in potential girlfriends, but thinks politeness is a rare thing.

He added: "I'm attracted to people who are polite, selfless and think about others before they think about themselves.

"Saying please and thank you is very important to me. If I pay for dinner, it's OK for you to say thank you - but it's so rare. A girl who does say it is a keeper."