Jason Derulo thinks being on tour is like a ''vacation''.

The 'Talk Dirty' singer insists he has fun on tour despite his hectic schedule and isn't ''miserable'' like a lot of artists who perform many dates in different countries because he drinks alcohol and doesn't promote the gigs much.

He told BBC Radio 1: ''I'm on this world tour, it's like a vacation. I don't do any promo. It's always just about the tour, it's a lot of fun. I get lots of sleep, I work out and do a show. It's like heaven.''

The 24-year-old star is currently on his 'Tattoos World Tour' and told presenter Nick Grimshaw he's looking forward to heading to Australia in coming months.

He said: ''We've been on the European run for about two months now. We got about two more months left doing Australia and New Zealand and all that.

''It's amazing, it's [my popularity] spread out pretty well, I've been truly blessed. [But] Australia is a little different, I think I've had about 25 Top 5 records there. I don't know what it is about Australia.''

Meanwhile, Jason has cut out meat in order to shape up even more for the rest of his live dates, after being encouraged by his backup dancers.

He said: ''For the past two weeks I've stopped eating meat all-together. I got a couple of dancers that don't eat any meat and I was on stage one day and I was like, 'Wait a minute, these guys are trying to upstage me', their bodies were starting to look different, so I like, 'Let me try this'.

''It's been kind of hard because everyone around me eats great stuff ... chicken [and] burgers, but I'm starting to like fish a lot more now.''