Drummer Jason Bonham is urging Led Zeppelin fans not to be "greedy" as the internet heats up with reunion tour stories. The veteran rockers have so far refused to confirm rumours of a 2008 world tour, following their triumphant live return at a benefit concert in London earlier this month (Dec07), and Bonham is tiring of all the speculation. Bonham, the son of Led Zeppelin's original drummer, John, who died in 1980, insists fans should be lucky the group reunited at all. He says, "I'm still the new guy and I wouldn't know (if they're planning a tour). Is it gonna be (happening) again? Don't be greedy... "If they do it again, of course I would love to (join them). But that's up to them. Only time will tell." And Bonham admits he is still trying to come to terms with the overwhelming experience of the 10 December concert: "It kinda feels surreal, like it never really happened in some way... (I was) amazed I pulled it off."