The actor admits he always wanted a big family but his wife Jenny Mollen just wanted the one child.

"Jason wants, like, 17 kids, and I would be happy with one, so I think we'll settle on two," the 37-year-old writer and actress tells In Touch magazine.

"That's the compromise," he adds. "Sid needs another kid around."

Biggs and Mollen have been married for eight years. Their son was born in 2014.

Mollen suffered a miscarriage in 2008, just weeks into her relationship with the actor.

In a candid interview with People months after she first became a mum in 2014, Jenny revealed she was 12 weeks along when she lost the couple's baby.

"It was odd timing, but the (miscarriage) bonded us in a crazy way," she said. "That was when I knew, if I'm willing to have a child with this guy, he's 'The One.'"

The couple decided to elope two months later and wed in April, 2008, and Biggs and Mollen credit weekly therapy sessions with helping to keep their relationship on track.

Biggs said, "Everyone should be in therapy. And when things are good, that's when you get the most work done. That's when you're open to hearing and learning to communicate better."

It seems the couple is still big on counselling - asked what keeps their relationship thriving after eight years, Mollen tells In Touch, "Communication. When I feel like I hate him, I tell him, and we go from there."

"And therapy!" Jason adds.