AMERICAN PIE star Jason Biggs has been unveiled as a surprise guest in the final episode of long-running sitcom Frasier.

The final episode of the show, which stars Kelsey Grammer, will air in America in May (04), after being filmed on Tuesday night (23MAR04), and Biggs has revealed he's a part of the end.

He says, "I was a guest on Frasier, which was awesome. It was the series finale and it was pretty fun. It's just a quick little thing That I come in and do.

"It was just surreal being there, watching 11 years come to an end like that. It was pretty wild. It was like I was watching television history. I was really choked up. It was a very emotional set."

But Biggs decided to not to attend the show's wrap party afterwards.

He adds, "There was a party. I did not attend because I didn't really feel like it. It's their thing. I mean, me showing up at the party... I've known these guys for three days! They've been together for 11 years.

"Cut to me dancing naked on the tables and stuff like, 'Thanks guys! It's been so amazing this week! Can't believe it's coming to and end!'"

25/03/2004 21:21