Actor Jason Biggs and his family faced a customs headache during a recent vacation trip to Turkey after their passports were improperly stamped upon their arrival.

The American Pie star and his wife were preparing to leave Istanbul a day after his brother and sister-in-law when he received a startling call from the airport explaining they had been detained.

He explains, "We came into the country via boat... and for whatever reason they didn't get our passports stamped properly... and my in-laws left first, so they're leaving the airport and they are getting their passports stamped and there's no stamps. They are taken to a holding cell in Istanbul Airport... They're getting into all sorts of trouble.

"They're calling me and my wife, because we're supposed to leave the next day, and they're like, 'You need to handle this. You don't have a stamp in your passport'.

"I'm freaking out. We go down to the harbour, where we came in and we're trying to talk to the harbour master. I never wanted to be recognised so much in my life. We're trying to talk to these guys and they're so scary looking... Clearly they wanted some money but I didn't want to give them money.

"I was like hat off, sunglasses off... I was, like, looking for a pie to f**k in front of them (like his character in American Pie)."