Actor Jason Biggs is shocked he gets to kiss so many attractive women - and insists it's the best thing about being an actor. The American Pie star has shared the screen with many Hollywood beauties, including Christina Ricci and Alyson Hannigan, and still can't believe he gets paid to get intimate with the lovely ladies - because he knows he wouldn't be able to ensnare them in real life. He says, "It's not a tough job for me that's for sure. I mean, I think about that and I think about these girls that I have either seen partially naked, or made out with or both at the same time, and I think, 'Jesus! Lucky me!' "I'm psyched that somebody would actually employ me to do that, because obviously I wouldn't be able to land Christina Ricci in real life. So, it's exciting for me, it's one of the perks of the jobs I guess!"