The Burnin' It Down singer scored a couple of Academy of Country Music (ACM) Award nominations and took home the Entertainer of the Year prize in April (16), yet he was completely snubbed by another music prizegiving, the Country Music Association Awards (CMA), when the shortlist was read out in August (16).

Aldean admits he doesn't understand how the two shows can be so different but the singer is glad he didn't narrowly scrape into the nominations and suffer the humiliation of a loss at the ceremony.

"Somebody's gonna get left out and it seems to be us," he said in a video with One Country. "Here's my thing: If we can't get enough votes to be nominated, we sure aren't gonna get enough to win, so what's the point?

"Honestly. I'm not a 'it's good to be here' guy. I'm just competitive, I want to win... If I can barely squeak in just enough votes for a nomination... if we ain't gonna win, I'd rather not be there anyway... They either vote for you or they don't."

Aldean recently spoke to Rolling Stone Country before the CMA nominations, which are voted by industry professionals, and predicted he wouldn't get many mentions as he is on the smaller Broken Bow Records label.

"We don't have a lot of the resources of a lot of the other labels," he said. "You know, our label has like 10 votes where some labels have 50, so we're already behind the eight ball."

During his career, Aldean has won eight ACM prizes and only two CMAs.