Jasmine Tookes would have been a make-up artist if her modelling career was unsuccessful.

The 26-year-old model carries out a thorough skincare and beauty regime, which sees her follow over 13 steps to achieve the perfect glow, but the Victoria's Secret Angel has admitted if she was not a hit on the runway her plan B job would have been a beauty stylist.

Speaking in a video for Vogue.com, she said: ''Hey guys I'm Jasmine Tookes, and I am going to be showing you how I do my glowing make-up look.

''I think if I wasn't a model, I would honestly be a make-up artist.''

Jasmine continued to go through her regime, which sees her apply two face creams, before she layers on her foundation.

She explained: ''Face oil by KORA, see you already have a glow.

''Wonderglow by Charlotte Tilbury, warm it up in your hand.

''Then I like to use these sponges [to apply foundation] that you can get in any drug store. I go through them so much and I just like to throw them out. These palettes by MAC are my absolute favourite, because for girls with darker skin, like me, it literally has everything you need.''

However, the brunette beauty does not just stick to one shade of the cosmetic product, and mixes a variety of shades from the palette to her skin, before she contours her features with the darker shades.

She explained: ''I mix everything, I kind of go around everywhere.

''Take the darker colours [which Jasmine applies under her cheekbones], then concealer [which is dotted under her eyes]. I look crazy.''

Jasmine continues to highlight her cheeckbones with Girogio Armani's Fluid Sheer, before she applies a setting product to ensure her hard work does not go to waste.

She said: ''Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, it's all about this cheek glow, guys.

''Now to help set everything my favourite MAC Prep and Prime. You don't want to step on a carpet looking all shiny in the wrong areas.''

Jasmine will continue to apply blusher to her cheekbones, as well as the tip of her nose to give her a sun-kissed look.

She said: ''Blush. Put it onto the tip of my nose like I've been on an island somewhere, my eyes.''

The star will go on to apply two eyeshadow items to her lids.

She said: ''So for glowy eyes this is one of my favourites. I like to use Charlotte Tilbury. This one I love because you can get it in a drugstore, its Revlon [ColorStay Creme Eye Shadow]. I apply this one from the inner corner going outwards.''

Jasmine then curls her eyelashes with an eyelash curler, which she is terrified of, before she applies mascara and fills in her eyebrows, although her left brow gives her ''trouble''.

She said: ''This thing [eyelash curler] always really scares me but you've got to do.

''During the day I only like to apply mascara on the top, because throughout the day if you apply it under it'll start to fall and that is not a good look.

''Eyebrows. I like to use a skinny pencil rather than a fat one because it creates more real looking hairs rather than smudge. This is my bad brow because it always gives me trouble.''

Jasmine will finish off by applying lip product, although she does not apply lipstick straight to her lips.

She concluded: ''Velvet matte. I never apply lipstick straight to my lips. Put it on my hand, and then just smudge it in so it looks like a cherry stain. Gloss, again on my finger and put that in the center.

''For my extra, extra, extra glow, [Fenty Beauty by Rihanna's Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter] Metal Moon, down the nose again and on the chin.

''That was my blowing beauty make-up look.''