Jasmine Tookes' Fantasy Bra got ''more and more sparkly'' every time she had a fitting.

The 25-year-old model was chosen to wear the $3 million piece of lingerie in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris, France, on Wednesday (30.11.16) and got a surprise every time she tried on the emerald green underwear, which featured a bodice adorned with 27,000 Swarovski crystals.

She said: ''Today when I showed up for my fitting there's this whole extra body piece which is super beautiful and delicate and it really complements the bra.

''It gets more and more sparkly every time I see it!''

But the first fitting for the bra wasn't quite so impressive.

In a video shared by People, she said: ''I had to do like a Plaster-of-Paris session where I sat in the chair for three hours and I had to stay very still. The lady even told me, 'Don't breathe heavy because it will shift around'.

''And after that, they take the molding and they actually built the bra onto my body. So it only fits me!''

The jewel-encrusted garment is very ''heavy'', but Jasmine insisted it was so comfortable, she'd have happily slept in it.

She joked: ''It is heavy but it fits nice and snug to my body, and the extra piece I have on my body is actually really comfortable, I'm going to sleep in it.''

Even if she wasn't wearing the Fantasy Bra, Jasmine would have still been happy because she was delighted with her other show costumes.

She said ahead of the fashion extravaganza: ''This year I'll be wearing two outfits in the show. My first outfit is in the 'Road Ahead' segment, it's so stunning and I love how it looks against my skin tone.

''It's bright pink with a bunch of jewels up the arm. And I have these beautiful wings that have a feather texture. They're so stunning.''